If You’ve Been Considering LASIK In Seattle, You May Be Wondering If It’s For You

After all, what’s the difference between this procedure and the traditional kind? Seattle LASIK doctors perform the procedure with advanced technology and care, so you can expect to experience the highest quality results. To find out more, read on. Seattle LASIK is performed by highly experienced physicians. These doctors are well-trained to perform the procedure safely and effectively, and their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. King is one of the leading LASIK doctors in the Seattle area. His experience and expertise in this field has led him to help countless patients achieve 20/20 vision. Moreover, Dr. King is one of the most experienced surgeons in the region, with numerous successful cases of LASIK.You can be confident that your vision will remain unimpaired 98057 after the surgery. In fact, Seattle LASIK is highly recommended.

As 900 SW 16th St Suite #200 Renton, WA a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist, Dr. Gold is a highly qualified surgeon with over 45 years of experience. His practice refers patients to the best surgeons in the Seattle metropolitan area. LASIK surgery usually costs $4500, but this doesn’t include pre-surgical care and follow-up care. To save time and money, Dr. Gold works with a number of other eye care providers for a co-management agreement. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, you may be able to pay for your surgeon’s fees at once, which can be a great deal of savings.

At the first pre-consultation, you’ll meet Dr. King and receive a vision test. You’ll be given a prescription for medicated eye drops. After the surgery, Roxanne will make sure you have the proper medication and will confirm your post-operative appointments.You will also need to bring United States of America prescription eye drops. If you don’t have them, you can purchase them at Costco. Then, you’ll need to take them for 24 hours.

Post-operative follow-up is important. LASIK is not recommended for patients with severe nearsightedness. People with moderate to severe nearsightedness may not be good candidates for the procedure.The correct prescription Washington for glasses is between -0.50 diopters. Patients with this prescription are usually able to read and use computers without the use of glasses or contacts. Patients with severe distance blur may also be good candidates for LASIK.

If you have any eye conditions that might affect your vision, you should continue to schedule routine check-ups. Routine examinations can detect glaucoma and other eye problems. They’ll ensure that your vision remains stable after the procedure. They may also recommend other refractive surgeries.But LASIK in Seattle is not right laser vision correction for everyone. You should be prepared for the risks involved in the procedure. You should consider all your options before deciding to undergo LASIK. Agnes Huang is board-certified and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. She earned her M. from the University of California Davis School of Medicine. She also completed a Fellowship in Glaucoma at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. Moreover, she specializes in glaucoma, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery. She also treats children and adults. She is on staff at Swedish Medical Center and Franciscan Highline Medical Center in Seattle
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If You've Been Considering LASIK In Seattle, You May Be Wondering If It's For You