A Renowned Knee Surgeon, Dr

Stefan T. Tarlow of Scottsdale, AZ, serves patients in the greater Phoenix area from private offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale.Scottsdale Doctor Tarlow is Arizona’s most experienced and compassionate Makoplasty knee doctor. Patients and medical colleagues universally praise Dr. Tarlow as one of the best Knee Replacement Surgeons in the nation. He is a Board Certified orthopedic plastic surgeon who has focused his practice on the diagnosis and therapy of complex and routine knee-related issues for over 20 years. He is an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon who has served successfully treating a wide variety of patients with both major and minor knee reconstruction surgeries.

As with any surgical procedure, there are always risks associated with every procedure, but Dr. Tarlow’s surgeries are among the safest performed in the country.The goal of a minimally invasive or makoplasty surgery is to create a smaller opening in order to reduce pain and best knee surgeons in arizona promote healing; in addition to that, the operative movements should be less painful, and more productive. Minimally invasive procedures generally require longer recovery time, but Dr. Tarlow’s office focuses on providing patients with less extensive recoveries. There are three types of makoplasty surgeries available: Total Knee Replacement (TK), Implant Knee Surgery (IK), and Vastinoplasty (TV).

Total Knee Replacement is ideal for those who have suffered a knee injury that restricts them from walking or playing certain sports. During this type of makoplasty surgery, the bone and cartilage on both sides of the knee are surgically replaced. This option offers many advantages, including long-lasting results. With this procedure, there are less pain and less risk of arthritis in the months and years following the surgery.

Knee Implant Surgery is often a last resort due to the fact that it can only be performed on younger, stronger patients. Through this type of makoplasty knee surgery, actual bone tissue is actually replaced using a prosthetic device. The prosthetic is designed to mimic the natural structure of a person’s own bone, and to help


flexibility. Due to the fact that the prosthetic will never completely replace your own bone structure, there is a greater chance of damage in the long run. However, with this procedure, you will be able to regain some function in your knee after suffering from an injury.

When looking for a doctor for your knee surgery, it is important that you ask about all of your options and find one that offers you the best solution. This includes not only the services they offer, but also their qualification and years of experience. Most doctors will begin treating you for makoplasty knee surgery around six months following the initial diagnosis. This means you will be able to visit your doctor before your case gets more involved and costly.

Dr.Tarlow (480) 483-0393 performs surgeries United States of America on an outpatient basis. Because he works from his own private practice, patients often feel very comfortable visiting him. Many patients who undergo makoplasty knee surgery do so on their own terms, taking advantage of the expert advice of a well-trained doctor. If you are considering this procedure, you can speak to your primary care physician and see if he can recommend a good surgeon. He will be able to give you the information you need to make a decision on whether or not you should pursue this procedure

A Renowned Knee Surgeon, Dr
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